Tuition and fees at MGM游戏大学 are maintained at the lowest possible cost consistent with other private colleges. 事实上, 学杂费 paid by the student cover less than one-third of the total cost of operating the College. 其余来自禀赋, 贡献, 校友及其他公益人士, 还有政府机构的拨款, 私人基金会, 和公司.

In estimating the total cost of attending MGM游戏大学, students should also include an additional $650.书和用品费每学期00美元. The cost of travel, clothing, and personal items is not included in the tuition package. The College reserves the right to correct errors in student charges that are discovered subsequent to initial billings or fee assessment. All fees are subject to change by the 政府 and 董事会 without prior notice.


Tuition and fees are due in full at registration. A student’s registration is not considered complete for any given semester until all expenses are paid in full or acceptable payment arrangements are made through the Bursar’s Office. 逾期报名费105美元.00 will be assessed for fees paid after the first day of classes. College policy requires timely payment for all charges owed to MGM游戏大学, 包括但不限于, 学杂费, 图书馆的罚款, 交通/停车罚款, 医疗费用, 住宅费用, 和滞纳金. Withdrawal from classes does not negate the student's responsibility to pay the balance of fees after the semester has begun. Per Federal regulations on the right to privacy, statements will be addressed to the student’s permanent address. Therefore, the student is ultimately responsible for payment. Parents/guardians (or anyone else) may not receive specific information about a student’s bill, 信用余额或超额(退款)支票. If a parent or another third party is accepting responsibility for making payments on the student’s behalf, it is the responsibility of the student to SHARE ALL correspondence, 包括账单, 与个人.


Although all charges are due in full at registration, students in good financial standing at MGM游戏大学 may choose the 学费付款计划 offered by the College’s business office. There is a charge (See 解释的费用) to enroll in the plan and the student must sign a consent agreement that makes each student liable for the payment of all charges and fees incurred by the student while enrolled. Any student who has not made satisfactory arrangements with the business office regarding his/her account may be administratively withdrawn from MGM游戏大学. A late fee will be assessed to the accounts of all students who have not paid their balances in full by the following dates:

下降: 12月1日

春天: 5月1日

Payments are due on the 1st of each month beginning in August for the Fall Semester, 春季学期1月开学. Failure to receive a statement will not be accepted as a reason for missing the payment deadline. If you have not received a statement, please contact the 财务处 by phone at . For more information about the payment plan, please visit the Bursar’s Office.


Students with outstanding balances may not be allowed to take exams, 获得学位或成绩单, or register for subsequent courses until all bills are paid.  No student shall enter classes until all fees and any past due balances are paid in full or approved arrangements authorized by the 财务处.

Every reasonable effort shall be made to collect delinquent student accounts.  The Bursar’s Office will take the necessary steps to collect amounts not paid.  Students who leave MGM游戏大学 with an outstanding balance will be assigned to a collection agency.  所有托收费用, 包括利息, 收集费用, and legal fees become the responsibility of the student. 


Checks should be made payable to MGM游戏大学 and sent to:


学院也接受Visa签证, 万事达卡, 发现, 美国运通, 旅行支票和本票, 订单和钱. 加快处理, please include your name and student identification number on all forms of payment.