All students must register in person. The periods for registration are stated in the College Calendar. Students have advisors who assist them in the selection of courses. Students presently enrolled are required to file a completed registration form during the period set aside for pre-registration. During registration, students should keep in mind the following points:

  • Students who are registered at MGM游戏 College are not permitted to register at any other institution at the same time, except by permission of the Vice President for 学术事务.
  • Students are responsible for choosing their program of courses in the proper sequence.
  • Students are advised to keep a record of all courses completed to avoid errors and duplication.
  • Students must have their registration forms approved by the Bursar's Office and the Registrar's Office in order to complete registration. All students must complete registration prior to the first day of class. An additional late fee will be charged to students who complete registration during the period set aside for late registration.


1. Enter the 登记 arena for payment of fees

2. Proceed to Check-In and secure Locator Card

3. Secure printed copy of course schedule

4. Proceed to Cashiers for payment of fees

5. Secure completed 登记 Form signed, dated and stamped – completed by the Bursar's Office. The completed 登记 Form will be required to verify proof of registration to each instructor upon entering class.

6. Proceed to Campus Security for Automobile 登记/Decal

7. 新生-拍照